A minimalistic home in Noida

A minimalistic home in Noida

Hi, I’m Amar. I’m Business Manager and I’m in this field since past three years. Today, we’re at one of our show apartments Blossom County in Noida. That is A minimalistic home in Noida. So the design here is massively dominated by modern present-day interiors our generation loves. So it’s like minimalistic.

So the personality of this space is well lit and well ventilated and the large glass windows allow a good amount of light in each area. So I surely wanted this feature in its natural form. So even I made sure that the house is having good circulation so the space looks more spacious and light. Now I will take you through the living and the dining area.

So being the most prime area of this aboard, the living surely makes the very first impression of the whole house. So while selecting the color tone of this area, I mean it’s just to strike the right balance between the subtles and the bolds. So greys, whites and bridges being the base colors, I’ve tried it too contrast it with the bright turquoise in the furniture and a hint of it in the drapes.

So every single wall art and every single photo frame has been specially chosen with as much excitement as I had while designing the whole place from scratch. So moving forward the living area flows into the dining space separated by no walls. As you can see in the dining area the furniture and the color selection continue having the same sense of style and design.

The wall trims had to be minimalistic white further making it a unique feature in itself. So now this dining space is further connected to the kitchen. For the colors we’ve used in the kitchen are brown yellow and grey the base units and the volume and staying out in the best possible way. So we have used the best modules in order to make sure that the user understands the functional aspect of each unit that brings to the kitchen.

So, of course, the ease of access and sufficiency of the storage were the main ideas we kept in mind while designing this kitchen. In the kids room with an interesting introduction of the yellow with the base colors, the idea of adding a happy vibe was being achieved. Be it the great texture brick wall or the straight lines in the study, so every feature is a bit related to each others.

So the wardrobe is designed in white high-gloss laminate making sure that it matches the aesthetics of the rest of the room and of course the sufficiency of storage were the main prime idea while designing this wardrobe. In the master bedroom keeping the element of interest intact, the texture was made the main highlight of this area.

And since this wall is the main design element the base stones continue spreading in the bedroom as well making sure the design concepts remain the same. The portrait headboard, accent chairs, the television unit or the bedside lamps, added to the personality I wanted this room to have. My idea of introducing a unique feature in all the bedrooms led me to choose a wallpaper for the guest bedroom.

So this bed back wall is done up in a grey wallpaper making different slightly different from the other two rooms, and the accent chair,the straight lines in the ceiling and the sleek storage unit completed the look and feel of this room. Need more interior design inspiration? Subscribe to our channel for new home tours, design ideas and more every week.