Interior Home Design Ideas

Interior Home Design Ideas

PV Cabin / Lorena Troncoso-Valencia Area: 24 m² The work consists of a temporary cabin, for a young couple of climbers, lovers of rock sports.

Considering the minimum space for sleeping, eating, cleaning and allowing extra room for itinerant users. On the ground floor the areas for cooking, eating, heating and working are organized.

This open space in the middle of the forest will ensure sun, ventilation and natural lighting. The sleeping area, The Little House in the Campo / Standard Studio, What formerly served as stables and storage, is now transformed into a contemporary dream house.

On a mountain in the rugged north of Ibiza, lies this beautiful casita. The architects only used materials that were used traditionally on the island like the iroko window frames, concrete and white chalk plastered stone walls.

“old and new, sleek and rustic, light and dark” Water comes from a private well, solar panels installed for hot water, floor heating and electricity.

The cottage is consequently completely independent of the grid operation and is thus self-sustainable.

With an incredible view from the mountain a yoga platform above the house. And many fruit trees and a vegetable garden. This is truly a piece of paradise.

Mezzanine House Refurbishment / Sergi Pons architects Area: 60 m² The roof and gable were built using wooden beams and ceramic beam fills with an optimal height to build a mezzanine, or attic.

This would allow extension on the space The intermediate slab, diaphanously suspended in the centre of the construction, has the complementary function of expanding and articulating that space.

The mezzanine and the staircase that gives access to it were built in white painted iron ceramic beam fill pieces. Which generate a chromaticism between white, the original color of the ceramic and the natural oak wood of the floor