How To Make A Compact Mumbai Home Look Spacious

How To Make A Compact Mumbai Home Look Spacious

Hi, this is me, an architect and currently working as a Design Partner. Today we will discuss about How To Make A Compact Mumbai Home Look Spacious. Lets start. So when I got the requirements for Mr. and Mrs. Kshir sagar, they both are working professionals. And they wanted the house to look spacious though it’s a 600 sq ft. 2BHK.

If we walk around the house, we would see couple of civil changes done here. Mrs. Kshir sagar she wanted the space, you know, if she’s using the kitchen, she wanted to view the TV right from there. And if you see the alignment, it is done in such a way that the kitchen, the dining table and the living, all are in one line. So the wall in between has gone and the dining table has taken place over there, making the space wider.

So the color combination basically is more of brown. So I wanted to ensure that, it doesn’t get very brown-heavy. That’s the reason you would see a lot of, you know, beige and cream tones on the walls and the wallpaper on the curtains. Just to accentuate, especially the living room over here, like we have windows on both the sides. And we have some golden designs on the curtains.

This is just, you know, an aesthetic element over here to just add it up. So here we are in the kitchen area and ideally, when the client got the possession of this particular place, it was a regular rectangular kitchen.

So ideally it was supposed to be a C-shaped kitchen. But it could have been, you know, more basic. So the design concept for the kitchen we settled for an industrial theme wherein we shortlisted the exposed brick tile concept.

So here we are in the master bedroom, and talking about it, like we have the color palette which is pretty subtle and in this particular room we have some glossy finishes also. Plus, we have this teak wood finish bed and the side table.

It becomes a darker element in the room. So when you enter this particular master bedroom, initially there was this particular wall over here, the toilet stretched right till here. But then the entrance was pretty narrow and non-welcoming kind of a thing.

So what we did is we demolished this particular wall, we pushed the wall behind. And then we carved out a nice dresser unit over here with a mirror. As soon as you enter the bedroom, you have the mirror over here which, you know, now, makes the space look much more wider.

So we are now in the son’s bedroom and the son is actually around 25 years old. And we just wanted to go for some lighter color tone over here.

So the color palette for this particular room was green and white. And then we shortlisted this curtain over here which was slightly on the darker side and then we kept or rather balanced the color palette of this entire room with a lot of cream and white.

Mrs Kshir sagar, she basically practices yoga. So normally we as a designer we might just give some open space. So that the client can, you know, put the yoga mat and practice.

But here, considering the situation that they wanted more and more storage spaces we elevated the sofa and made it a proper diwan kind of unit wherein the storage can go underneath. And we have a smooth surface on top. So that she can practice her yoga comfortably on it.