Total Body Yoga Power Flow 20 Minute Feel Good Yoga Class

Hello everyone,, Welcome to your feel-good flow. Today is going to be a practice, Where we are going to flow. Total Body Yoga Power Flow 20 Minute Feel Good Yoga Class. We’re going to connect with your breath. We’re going to stretch the body and also work a little bit more on cultivating, that power from within. So, if you guys are ready, you won’t need any equipment. Just yourself and your mat. Let’s get to it.

Alright guys, so let’s begin. Today actually standing at the very top of your mat And what I want you to do is bring your feet together We’re gonna take a Mountain Pose Mountain Pose is a beautiful way to really just re-energize ourselves and find that grounding find that strength connecting to the roots Through the body here to our feet. So open the palms of your hands and let us close the eyes Just take a couple of deep breaths here Before we begin to move before we begin to flow Let’s just connect to our intention What brought us here today on the mat? Connect to our energy within Feeling this energy within our body moving through the feet into the earth That same energy moving through the feet upward towards the crown of our head it’s really feeling this wonderful balance within us

Let’s take another deep breath in slowly opening the eyes Exhale drop the shoulders down away from the ears on Your next breath inhale big reach with both arms up towards the sky lengthening through the body As you exhale bend your knees bend your elbows and just dive in yourself all the way down into that standing forward fold Good keeping your knees slightly bent here just to start off let us start to move your knees by bending one unit time and Extending the opposite knee so you’re really feeling this nice deep stretch through the hamstrings And always in our feel-good flows I encourage you guys to move as much as you need. So moving the body moving the shoulders Removing the head whatever feels good for you Great and then once you’ve done a couple of these bending the knee exercises bring both knees to an extended position Inhale come on up to about halfway point Lengthening through the spine. And then exhale you’re gonna bring the palms down bend your knees and step back into plank Holding this plank position pull the navel into the spine

Now you’re gonna come down into a chaturanga, but just hover you can modify by coming down to your knees as well so you’re gonna come down so like a push up with your triceps bring yourself back up into plank position and Then from here, you’re gonna take your knees slightly Bend and hop to the front of your mat inhale halfway lengthen Exhale bring the hands back down same thing this time if you want to make a little more challenging hop right into plank Hold it there bend the knees to modify. Take your push up bring it back up into plank and Bend the knees hop forward Inhale halfway lengthen exhale gonna do the two more times. This is just to get your body warmed up Hold that plank Take your push up Bring it back up Bend your knees hop forward. Awesome guys one more time inhale halfway Exhale down step or hop back into plank modify by dropping the knees or staying full plank position Come back up Bend your knees hop forward. Now. Let’s do the full flow inhale halfway Exhale ground the hands bend your knees Hopper’s step back Then from here chaturanga dandasan up all the way release the toes inhale opening upward facing dog exhale Push back Releasing into your downward facing dog. Awesome.

Take a big exhale here You’re probably starting to feel the body temperature rising. It’s the whole point here Just getting ourselves all ready to flow to go deep Allow the heels to go a little bit further down if you can Slowly from here round vertebra by vertebra coming into plank position nice and slow Lead with the chest backwards towards downward dog Making wave-like motions with the spine come through and to plank just a slight tilt of the pelvis Lead with the hips all the way back for two round it through and Three make this fluid make this feel like an ocean wave with your body Great inhale rounding through let’s take another chaturanga or nice chest chin if you’re modifying inhale upward dog exhale Downward facing Dog well done Just taking two breaths here Spread those fingers wide draw the shoulders away from the ears and then hug your armpits around The sides of them out or visualizes if you’re doing it. It’s going to involve your elbows to be pointed downward towards the floor of their inhale On your next exhalation step your left foot towards the front of your mat Around the back heel arms reach up warrior one veer of a dress in a one Right elbow comes underneath your left as you interlace here into your Eagle arms I mean down a little bit lower into your Warrior one position.

Let’s just flow with the body inhale. Drop the elbows exhale lift up Inhale drop the elbows exhale Lift up for two connects your movement and breath inhale down exhale Three Inhale down exhale Four beautiful releasing the hands as you pivot the body opening into your warrior two Pull the navel into the spine tuck that tailbone under Open the left palm of your hand bring it down into peaceful warrior. And again, let’s make it super flowy and Connecting the breath and movement bring the elbow to your left knee as you take your extended side angle Again inhale, peaceful warrior Now exhale if you want to go even deeper just take your left hand to the front of your left foot Coming into your extended side angle, but a little bit deeper if you want to keep your elbow on the knee It’s also another variation you can do Beautiful Awesome guys just take one more breath Now exhale that top arm is just gonna come down towards the mat lift the back heel have it on the toe.

So you’re bringing your hips back into a high lunge position and then take that left arm and reach it up towards the sky into your twisted high lunge here Let’s just add movement with that top arm From here, you’re gonna bring it all the way back and around Inhale reach forward exhale follow the arm for two Inhale reach forward next sail for three Inhale reach forward exhale for four Inhale reach forward and up towards the sky Exhale drop that back knee left arm comes down extend the front knee in to your half split and just release your body Now we’re not gonna move here but we’re gonna move with the breath meaning we’re gonna really connect deeper by bringing more and more oxygen into the body and When you exhale just think about bringing your chest closer towards that thigh Inhale and exhale Just really feel that release in the front hamstring Think about pulling that front hip back pushing the back hip forward One more breath in Exhale transition yourself forward by bending the front knee lift the back knee off the mat. Inhale high lunge reach both arms up exhale Hands down step back plank position chaturanga. Dandasana inhale release the toes upward facing dog exhale Push back downward facing dog.

Take two breaths here Go even deeper Connect with that intention that you set in the beginning of a practice Connect with your breath connect with your presence here One more inhale on your next exhalation step your right leg to the front of your mat Ground the back heel reach both arms up fear of a drisana one warrior one Beautiful this time left elbow underneath your right and see if you can interlace your wrists as well Creating this Eagle pose with your arms. You can’t introduce your wrists. You can always just keep it open From here. Let’s add that movement inhale Drop those elbows right down as far to the ground as they can go and then exhale lift and open the chest for one inhale down exhale Lift and open for two Inhale down exhale Open through remove the body breathe deeply Exhale bring it up four for one. Wonderful.

Hold it there Release the elbows as you open and turn your body coming into your warrior two position Now hold it here drop the shoulders away from the ears Open up that front front palm of your hand and then release into your peaceful warrior really breathing into that side of the body here Exhale come back down now the right elbow onto the knee left arm reaches up Extended setting or creating this beautiful straight line from the tips of your fingers all the way down to the heel One more time inhale come Accenture peaceful warrior bring it all the way back Exhale bring it forward now Feel free to go deeper place the fingertips on the ground as you reach your left arm to the front of your mat keeping your gaze down or Looking upward towards the sky Breathing deeply Into that side body here Awesome you guys Slowly let’s release bring the left hand back down Pivoting the back heel. So you’re squaring off your hips into a high lunge and then taking your right arm up towards the sky And if you found a good Position here you feel balanced and centered Alfre – close your eyes.

It’s always fun to reconnect with that internal awareness in different postures Let’s just add movement with that top arm. So you’re just gonna let that arm come all the way behind you and then bring it forward and around for one and back To breathe through the movement and back three One more time Great lower that arm drop the back knee Let’s push back half split ardha Hanuman Pulling your right hip back pushing the left foot forward. You can release the back toes if you wish Breathing deeply into the belly and then as you exhale just allow your body to relax Not moving the body in any way but holding and stillness just working with the breath so with each exhalation Thinking about how you can relax deeper and deeper into this posture Feeling the release in your hamstring calf Inhale and exhale Just stay with your breath Great one more inhale exhale Let’s come back forward Great, tuck your toes under lift the back knee both arms reach up to your high lunge open up through the chest through the body exhale Drop the hands back down step back plank position.

Take your chaturanga dandasana inhale upward-facing dog Open up through the body exhale push back Release into your downward facing dog two breaths here final downward dog of our practice All those shoulders down away from the ears Draw the shoulder blades downward roll the elbows down towards the floor Keeping the elbows straight at the same time inhale exhale Lift your heels bend your knees hop to the front of your mat Just come over to a seated position on your mat and one more posture We’re gonna do is called your butterfly heels together toes together Grab onto the toes inhale Lengthen through the crown of your head allow your knees to open Exhale dive your chest all the way down towards the toes And just three more times like this.


We open look up and you grow up tall exhale down for two Inhale open Exhale down for three one more time inhale lengthen open and grow tall Exhale leading with your heart all the way down Holding here for just a breath or two, maybe two And just allowing ourselves to Release as the hips open out Breathing into any tension you may feel and your hip joints today Letting go Inhale and exhale Beautiful and slowly come on up Bring your knees together Just extend your legs. Let’s just take a second releasing into our Shavasana giving the body a moment to relax opening the palms of your hands relax your legs just focus on the deep inhalation into the body And as you exhale, give yourself permission to completely relax and surrender Surrendering your body to the floor to your mat To mother earth Letting go of any tension Relaxing every muscle in your body As you go deeper and deeper into this relaxation Do you breath in and let it go You did such a wonderful job today working and flowing with your body

Now it’s time to give it a moment to completely relax and rejuvenate itself gift the act of full relaxation Gathering taking in all the benefits all the yoga postures that we did today Just stay with your breath Slowly and slowly go deeper into your own stillness to Your own deep awareness of your heart and of your inner energy With each inhalation welcoming positive radiant energy into your body to Every cell of your being Letting this energy fill you up with light love Kindness compassion Joy Feeling this energy radiating through your body through your heart Sending that energy out word out to all the people that you care about family communities your friends Relevant to the world around you Being a beacon of light Now feel free to stay in this Energy for as long as you like today

You don’t need to come out when I come out Stay as long as you need however, if you wish to close it off with me add some to your fingers and toes Deepen your breath a little bit more And then bring your knees together and roll over to one side and Then coming up to your seated position on your mats Just finding a nice grounded position Resting your hands on knees and taking one last final deep inhale into your belly Letting it go Slowly bring your hands together in your Anjali mudra in front of your heart and bowing down to your own heart Thanking yourself for your a beautiful amazing practice today For taking the time out of the day and doing something good by your body or your mind or your soul Thank you so much for joining me on the mat I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day, and I look forward to seeing you again