Vienna calling! | How to spend a perfect weekend in Vienna

How to spend a perfect weekend in Vienna

“Hello and welcome to my perfect weekend in Vienna. This city is filled with culture and elegance. Join me, Sultan and Forgo on a discovery tour of the city!” A visit to the Austrian capital is like stepping back in time. “Of course you can see a lot of the city on foot, but I think the best way to get around and get a really good impression is with a horse and buggy ride.” Or “Fiaker” as they are called here.

The first thing you notice about Vienna is the architecture and the gorgeous facades.” Many of which are from the 18th century or earlier. Karl Cantonal from “Fiaker Paul” has been riding these streets for over 30 years. Karl it’s lonely back here. Can I come up there with you? I’ll sit on this side. Okay, Let’s go.” Once I take my front row seat, Karl shows me some more highlights of the city. “To the right in that building is where Beethoven lived. On the top floor.” His house is also open to the public. “What’s your favorite part of the city?” “My favorite parts of the city are the Hofburgor the Michaelerplatz and the Heldenplatz.

Vienna is the most beautiful city in Europe,there’s none like it. And there’s no other experience like a carriage ride, either.” Our tour ends at the 12th century Saint Stephen’s Cathedral. On wards to my next destination! “Look! This is where you get real Wiener Schnitzel and I’m going to learn how to make it!” Chef Jürgen Gschwendtner offers classes here. “Hello Meggin! Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you, Jürgen. So here we go with some Wiener Schnitzel. What is the most important thing we have to pay attention to?” “It’s always from the veal.” “Always from veal. No pork. No chicken! Real Wiener Schnitzel is only from veal.” And then I learn how to cut the right piece of meat. Tenderize it.

Time to take out all my frustrations on this piece of meat!” Add a pinch of salt, Use fresh eggs, lightly beaten, which serve as the glue for the finely ground breadcrumbs. And finally the schnitzel gets placed in a buttery oil for about 3 minutes. Not too bad for my first try! ” And this is my activity tip for a perfect weekend in Vienna. A Wiener Schnitzel workshop!” As sunny skies turn grey, I take the opportunity to hear some music at the Vienna State Opera. “From Strauss to Schubert, Mahler to Mozart,Vienna has been home to the most famous composers.” Who’s compositions can be heard both in the opera and chamber music halls. “And now we’re about to hear Beethoven.” Members of the Vienna Philharmonic regularly perform concerts here.

It’s an intimate atmosphere and a great way to enjoy classical music. Day two of my visit continues with some other classics at the Museums Quarter. “Vienna has dozens of museums but this one is my favorite because of its fine arts collection, including sculptures like this one, by Antonio Canova.. And Suzanna bathing, by Tintoretto. Or the Tower of Babel by Brueghel. Imperial court painter Arcimboldo and Vermeer.” The Kunsthistorisches Museum or the museum of fine arts holds the enormous collection from the Habsburg royal dynasty. It spans several floors and also includes architectural highlights. “And this is my culture tip for a perfect weekend in Vienna.

A visit to the Fine Arts museum.” The Viennese coffee culture is also a must! Cafe Landsman has been serving up coffee specialties and pastries since 1873. Co-owner Bernd Querfeld invites me to test some of the 20 various coffee drinks on the menu, with the obligatory cream, of course. “So here we’ve got how many… 6 different kinds of coffees…why do the Viennese love their coffee houses so much?” “I think it’s a mix. We like coffee very much and we like the coffeehouse culture. They are two different things. Coffee house culture is how we live. How we stay, how we meet, from the morning till the evening. The cozy atmosphere.

It’s ‘gemütlich’ as we say in Vienna. And then we have a coffee culture in Vienna. This is the way we drink coffee. We can drink coffee black or white, with whipped cream, hot or cold. Or, of course, with alcohol.” “The best thing to order with all these wonderful drinks is?” “For me it’s the apple strudel. And I think for you too.” “Yeah, then for me too. Yes, let’s order apple strudel!” “And this is my culinary tip for a perfect weekend in Vienna. Visiting one of the Viennese coffee houses.” Located just on the outskirts of the city center is the Prater amusement park. “Time for some fun!” “Let’s see how strong I am. Not really sure hos this goes..

Not very strong, I guess. My pace is more geared to the Ferris wheel,another landmark. “Let’s go for a ride.” Visitors can reserve a car for any occasion. “This park has been open to the public since the 18th century. Entrance is free. You just have to pay for the rides.” “You can really get the best views of the city from up here!” I can also look out to my next destination which involves music and wine on the outskirts of town!

Viennese melodies known as Schrammel music can be heard at a Wiener Heuriger which is where I spend my final evening. “Did you know that Vienna is also famous for its wine? I’m at a typical Wiener Heuriger. What’s that? Well, we’re about to find out.” Werner Welser and his family have owned this tavern for generations. He invites me to sample some of the young wine produced from the current harvest. “So how did these taverns come about?” “Vienna is the only city in the world that has 700 hectares of vineyards within the city limits.

Traditionally, small winegrowers were also allowed to sell the wine they produced in their own restaurant. “Aside from all the wine that’s been grown and produced around here, what else can visitors expect from a Heuriger? What else do you have here?” “The visitors really love the ambiance with the wine, the food and the traditional music.” “So there’s just one last thing to do! Zum Wohl!” This tavern offers a relaxing reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city. “And this wraps up my perfect weekend in Vienna. Join me again as I explore more exciting European destinations. And until then, it’s happy travels!”