A blend of modern interiors with a minimalistic approach

A blend of modern interiors with a minimalistic approach

Home for me is not just a space with four beautiful walls. It defines space safety and comfort. Home is something which you look forward to after a long tiring day and spend some time with family.

Hi, I’m a Technical Director. I have a small loving family. Me, my wife, my parents and my son Riyan. When we first bought this house we were really excited about designing our house. That’s when we started searching online and looking here and there. And we wanted something out of the box for the designing. And that’s when we realized we needed some professionals for the job. And that’s when we approached in online site.

Our family loves to travel so anytime we travel to different places in hotels we get inspired by the different themes of the hotels. And that’s what we wanted a wow factor in our new home.

We wanted some minimalistic furniture and ambient lighting. We did not want to lose out on open space but at the same time, we wanted lots of storage. We wanted our living room to bring warmth with elegance and glamour.

We wanted to highlight the TV wall and open the dining area to the kitchen so that we could have more additional natural light and even easy access to the kitchen. By now we were confident with the ideas given by Pooja and we were open to experimentation. This is everyone’s favorite room.

We wanted ample of space in the room so that we could run around here-and-there. The colors which we wanted to use were subtle colors and pastel colors, not too bright.

Also the bed, we made a sturdy bed on which he could climb and play around. Master bedroom was the most trickiest for us. I and my wife had very contrasting ideas. I wanted lots of white and ya, marble, whereas my wife wanted warmth in the room with lots of wooden finishes. And that’s where Pooja helped us with all the artifacts and designs to make it a very glamorous look. We wanted the parents’ room to look bigger, brighter and maximize storage.

We wanted a separate mandir in the room which could give a very peaceful environment in the room. My favorite spot in the home is the master bedroom where you can come after a long tiring day just sit back with dim lights and watch TV and just relax and have a soothing experience. And you? Well, my favorite zone is the living room, in fact, it’s our favorite zone because we love the furniture we love the mood lighting it is.

You know, apt as we always wanted. I think each room is you know it has a wow factor and it has all unique features If you see every space in this room is purposefully designed and you know it is aesthetically very appealing.

Our interaction has been a wonderful experience. In fact, when we met Pooja for the very first time the best part about her is you know breaking the ice with the clients.

You know, she immediately understood what we need. We are a joint family and she understood the need of my in-laws. She understood the need as a couple. I have a son who is 7 years old. So she understood what kind of a room he needs you to know.

So and well the best is we didn’t have to keep interfering or asking her you know to keep making so-and-so changes. You know the entire design that she has created has come out so wonderfully. She has you know exceeded far beyond our expectations. So it has been great, in fact, I would recommend it to all my family and friends.