Bangalore Family Gets Their Dream Interiors

Bangalore Family Gets Their Dream Interiors

We are a family of five, living in Bangalore for some time. Recently, we found a bigger home where our kids could grow up.

We had seen our friends design their homes through interior designers. But what we found is it’s quite messy or exhausting and it was taking quite a lot of time.

We went to furniture stores; we went to exhibitions; we talked to a lot of designers.

But it was so confusing. With the busy schedule and a family to manage, in fact, we didn’t find time.

Recently I saw a photos of really classy bedroom images on one of my friend’s Facebook page.

It took me to a online website and you won’t believe there are so many amazing designs. which we can choose and select from.

I showed it to Sarika and she was amazed. We booked their looks and the design services.

‘Find A Designer’ seemed to have understood our needs and preferences really well.

So we helped Siva kumarand Sarika personalize the looks that they had selected. And we made sure it wasn’t just beautiful it was also functional. And we did everything for them from start to end.

So we delivered, we installed and gave them a ready-to-move-in home in 8 weeks.

I think they designed a home which is really beautiful and we want to come back to. We’re more stylish than you know we ever imagined.