Inside India’s First Pet Hotel | Luxury hotel for dogs

Today we will learn about, Inside India’s First Pet Hotel | Luxury hotel for dogs. You have to be a crazy dog lover to create this kind of facility. Critterati is a pet hotel And it’s a six floor building, where we have all kinds of facilities for them including doctors clinic, spa-salon Retail shop, pet friendly cafe elaborate dog menu. And that too fresh menu And with swimming pool, with boarding facility with day-care, with TV lounges We had a German Shepherd, his name was Blackie.

Also he used to take care of the complete family. We got grooming done once and after that grooming he got some infection. And We did not get the right place for his treatment then we thought that if we are facing so many problems, then every pet owner would be facing this.

I wanted to do something for them, and maybe because I’m a hotelier. So I thought of a hotel only why not a luxury one Pets are not treated in a manner. In which they should be treated because people are not aware what can be done for the pets.

Here We have created a kind of a second home here. The major concern of the pet owners was that they didn’t have any place for them. We have second homes for our kids, creches, and everything.

But we don’t have anything for dogs and cats. Here This is the only hotel in the world, that serves customized meals for them according to their schedules. We don’t follow our schedule, we follow their schedule, their requirements the best part is the pet owners are out of guilt as well they go guilt free in the holiday.

Because this is a vacation home for them we have 7 categories of rooms. Also we have a room with balcony. We have family suites we have twin suites , we have connecting rooms just to give all kinds of comforts to them. We have arrangements for dogs birthday parties for wedding parties In spite of being the most luxurious hotel in South Asia.

We are the most affordable one Our boarding is as cheap as INR 999 a day. Our grooming is as low as INR 900. Which is the cheapest in the entire country People think that since its so luxurious. it will be expensive But the idea of keeping affordable rates is to get associated with more dogs and pets here. Because our tagline suggests “Redefining Pet Culture” We also have a very strict schedule to follow while boarding.

It’s not anybody coming here boarding their dogs for the first time we have a trial session. Then we have forms to be filled where we have attributes, behaviors he loves other dogs, he’s good with small dogs bigger dogs, bitten anybody.

he loves digging he loves climbing, he’s a jumper so that we follow it accordingly we put that particular buddy in that group. If he’s a jumper if he’s a climber we don’t take him to the balcony. So that is the example There are certain solo dogs, who do not like any other dogs.

We have the solo arrangements. But we advise the parents that we’ll help you come out of this, he needs to socialize with others to get his own comfort level, get his own temperament to change the aggression level.

So he will be a much better companion The systems are all in place We’ve done almost 400 dogs days i.e. 400 dogs have already boarded with us If I have created a facility like this for them I cannot explain my love toward them or my thoughts toward them I’ve been with dogs since my childhood So they’re everything to me And after Blackie, that was my baby who actually increased my love toward the animals and he was everything to me