Stunning 3D Paper Art | Layering Paper Designs

Stunning 3D Paper Art | Layering Paper Designs

Maud Vantours is a designer and artist based in Paris. His specialty is paper. He work on and develop displays with paper for brands. And he do his personal work as well.” “Paper offers different techniques. He can cut it, He can fold it, He can glue it. So he can do anything that he want with paper. I know him. He was told me about his Stunning 3D Paper Art Layering Paper Designs. Lets start reading.

I work with it since a long time but I continue to discover and find other things.” “I did art studies and this is a material we used a lot. So I just continued to work with it. And it was unconscious but finally this is a material I really like. So I continued and continued and continued and never stopped.” “First of all, I have to draw the design on computer, so I have to think of it and think in three dimension and prepare the map in my head before to draw it.

Then, after the machine has cut this, we have to fold it, then glue it. After that, because one orange is only a little part of the composition, we have to do all of those elements. For this display, it was an order for a customer. And I had to make a big table with lots of meal. We had a lobster, cake, oranges, lemons, a big cake, like a wedding cake, a fish. So I had to draw everything, cut and glue and stage it.” “And this is kind of complicated but we have an image of it. So I’ve got the reality and I have to do the same in paper.

But finally the most complicated is to develop more my personal work, because I have to find the idea, the the concept, develop a graphic design but I have no model. So I have to think it, to work on it for hours and hours. Same for the color combination. I do not have a reference picture, so I have to think of it and choose the right one. Yes, actually that is the most complicated.

It depends on the project, but it takes time, because I have to find the idea, I have to draw it, I have to cut it by hand. I have to make it in three dimension. I have to do sometimes prototypes because we do not go straight to the goal. Every project is different, but we need hours and hours to develop something.” “All the little pieces of paper we don’t use,for that kind, I keep it to make other works. And for little parts like that I’m recycling it. So finally we try to not damage the material. We respect it.

The only thing with paper is: I do not have all the colors I want. So if I need some colors, I would have to make a compromise. I choose the surface of the paper depending on the use I want to do. You know, for set design, for photography,I use matte paper, so the light will give something really deep. And for the window display I use more paper with more texture to emphasize the paper, the material.” “It depends on what emotion, what story I want to tell. If it’s something dark, I will take dark colors and some bright color to make a contrast.

If I want to tell something more smooth, it will be light color, like pastel and everything. I think color can bring an emotion.” “When I choose paper, three things are really important to me. The thickness of the paper, because it’s easier to build a 3D object or volume with a paper which maintains itself. Second thing which is important to me is the color: I have to make some choice because I do not have all the colors in all papers. So I have to try to find the perfect combination between thickness and color.

The last thing is texture. It depends on what I want to focus on. If I want something really crafty, I take paper with more texture to emphasize the material.” “Inspiration can come from everywhere. It can be an exhibition or just a walk in the street. It can come from books or sometimes just an idea like that without knowing where it came from.

I think, Paris was always interesting and inspiring for artists from the beginning of the century until now. This is just a beautiful city. We can find inspiration only in walking on the streets and it’s really nice to be, it’s kind of lucky to be in Paris and continue to create art.” “Today is a digital age, so we see so many pictures. But this only a numeric part.

I think paper is a material, a tactile thing. So when we receive an invitation, a nice card,we keep it. This is a nice object. And when we rediscover it, this is kind of a memory and we are happy to have this object in our hands.” “I want to continue to use paper, but I started to work with new material like plastic and metal. But to mix it with paper, it can create something more complex and surprising.”