The World’s biggest Wooden Skyscraper stands in Norway | Rising 85 meters into the sky

The World’s biggest Wooden Skyscraper stands in Norway | Rising 85 meters into the sky

Brumenddal is my home place. In Brumenddal have built this wooden building, the world highest in wood, because of my grand children. And I hope, this is an example for the whole world how to do things and think different. It is a symbol of what is possible to make in wood. Complicated buildings. Also the high rise buildings.

I am satisfied, that was a goal, because this is my home place and it was important to make something important on this place. Everything is wood. And it is from the wood up there. So it is very local.

We live in the nature here. This is lake Mjosa. And we have to reduce CO2. And this is 60 percent lower CO2 than in steel and concrete.

You think cleaner and clearer and it is heal tier: both for the people but also for nature.” The 18 story building is a little over 85 meters tall. A hotel is planned to occupy the first several floors. There will be apartments starting on the 11th floor.

Leif Atle Viken has bought a place on the 15th floor. “My key points staying in a wooden house is, that it is environmentally friendly, it is a good value a good living value. Like this I feel the wood, I can smell th ewood. All the wood you see is doing something with you.

wood is living, steel and concrete are dead. So you feel this building is actually living with you. This will be like this, it will be visible, that’s good. That is for sure, because this belongs to the whole construction, so it needs to be visible, there is no way, that you can cut out of pieces.

It needs to stay like this.” “Hi I am Kari Liberg , the manager of Wood Hotel here in Brumenddal, Norway. My mission for this hotel is to make a good working place. This is so far an adventure to join this tallest wooden building in the world.

I love all the natural materials, the airs fresher and also the sound, it is a good acoustic to work in here. It is very clean, it is trendy and it is lots of wood.

And you see in this room: it’s no distractions, it is only the view. This building is more fire safe than steel and concrete, actually.

So I am not afraid. Of course, when the alarm gets on, you have some stairs to walk.” “I think, if we have storms in this area, you can feel it a bit.

But more like you think you feel it. But ok, wood is a living material so for sure, you will here something. And that is normal and that is good. So all people staying in this house, Mjøstårnet should be happy and know, that they have a great value for the whole society, keeping up, doing the environmentally right things.”