Luxury Duplex in Dwarka Gets Stunning Interior Design

Luxury Duplex in Dwarka Gets Stunning Interior Design

We’ve been living in this Winter Hills apartment for the last 1 month. When we bought the house we knew that the space is quite big for us to be able to do it professionally ourselves.

And we knew that, you know, when you’re doing things yourself you’re not able to visualize what it’s finally going to look like.

And therefore we knew that we need expert professional help. Both of us are avid travellers. So over our travels across the globe we picked up tastes which are more contemporary and modern.

We wanted our new house to reflect those tastes in whatever we did with the house

So we thought it was probably best done under professional advice rather than being done by us. Live space actually we were looking online for people who do turnkey projects, who can help us visualize our dreams and turn it into a reality.

Everybody came with a problem solving mindset,so it was no problem was too big. You know, despite the fact that we were trying to do something which is difficult to do.

We were joining two apartments you know, one above the other in a multi-storeyed building, which required structural changes.

Which also required thinking about things like electrical, plumbing, uh, you know, how do we make it look as if it’s just one big unit rather than two separate units being just joined together.

It’s a very good thing that, you know, everybody’s invested right from the designer to the execution team to the team which was actually doing the overseeing of the site.

You know, everybody wanted the final outcome to look really good. And they worked tirelessly towards that, so that has been really really good.