You haven’t seen food this way before | Absurd Food Photography

You haven’t seen food this way before | Absurd Food Photography | Surreal Food Art

Tessa makes funny pictures with food. That’s fine with me. I present food in an aesthetic way, like you’ve never seen it before.

Aesthetically pleasing pictures are a dime a dozen: the internet’s full of them.
Today everyone has a smartphone and takes photos.

So it’s become harder to tell a funny story and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Break/Fast. Why Break/Fast? If you say ‘break’ and ‘fast’ it means destroying something quickly.

When I considered what that would look like I thought: It’ll be a crazy shoot in which I ‘break’ the breakfast!

Today I have a shoot for a shopping mall. It’s about the restaurants, combined with fashion.

“OK, sit up straight.” The fashion’s expressed through the high-heeled shoe — which has a hot dog in it. What makes it funny is that both seem out of place. The studio doesn’t have a kitchen.

So I can’t prepare or warm up anything. There’s no oil, nothing. So I have to come to the café around the corner to get some fried eggs.

The trouble with fried eggs is they dry out fast. If I take them with me now, I should be able to work with them for an hour, maximum.

If not, I’ll have to come back. I have the eggs. With luck, I won’t drop them on the way. For a photo, the perfect egg is one that shines,has a nice color and isn’t overcooked. Of course we edit the pictures later, but in general: the glossier and fuller, the better.