Taro GP One Special Edition Review | Taro GP 1 Special Edition ABS

Hey, Today we will discuss about Taro GP One Special Edition Review | Taro GP 1 Special Edition ABS. Taro GP One is one of the most Striking Chinese bikes in Bangladesh. Taro was mainly founded in 2001. In outside country, we see the 400cc variant of this same bike. But in Bangladesh, we see the 155cc variant. In our comment section, You guys have been asking about Taro GP Review.

But, “Chinese products are bad” is a popular phrase around us. This bike has been stomping the roads for the past 2 years. And now, after 2500 KM of test riding We bring you the review of Taro GP One Special Edition – ABS Version.

Taro GP One Special Edition Review | Taro GP 1 Special Edition ABS

First of all, let’s get rid of confusion Taro GP currently has 2 models of bikes in Bangladesh. And they have lots of variant. Today, we are bringing the test ride review of Taro GP One Special Edition – With ABS.

The most interesting feature of this bike is the looks. It’s twin LED headlight, along with the DRL. Not only looks, but we also want to say that, When you ride the bike from far away, People will stare at you with wonder. Mainly because of its loud exhaust note. In International market, we can see the 400cc variant of Taro GP.

But, due to the cc restriction in Bangladesh, They have sourced this engine From China’s number one engine manufacturer, Lifan Apart from the engine, the rest of the bike Is exactly like the 400cc model. The 155cc liquid cooled engine produces 16 bhp of power and 14.5 NM of torque. From this specification, you might get an idea about, how powerful this bike is.

But, the most aggressive thing is The exhaust sound of this bike. There is no aftermarket silencer in this bike. Instead of that, there is a performance exhaust. Therefore, this sounds different than most other bikes. The 6-speed gearbox of this bike is a bit hard. But, it softens up after the 2nd service. This bike lacks ready pickup. This is fast from 0 to 100 But not fast enough. We think, this is because of the fact that, The bike has a big body and fat tire compared to the engine power. These are two of the reasons for lack of fast acceleration.

Also, the 165 kg of weight reduced the acceleration of the bike. In our testing period we received 135 KMPH of Top Speed In city, we got a mileage of 35 KMPL In highway, we got 38 KMPL. When you want to take this bike and move in city traffic. It won’t be easy due to its extra weight and fat body.

Another noticeable thing is, its turning radius. You will need a good amount of space to turn. Another thing is its raised handlebar. It’s handlebar is not so sporty. Meaning you won’t have to lean forward so much. But also, the seat height is raised too. Therefore, when you maneuver this bike in traffic, You will feel a bit uncomfortable.

In the rear, this has 150 section tire, Which is very rare on this segment. Its surface area is really not much. But, when you will be riding in high speed, This surface area is enough to keep the bike stable. And this bike stays really stable in high speed. This bike really shines in highway.

The weight and the size of this bike provides great stability on highway. And, due to the wide rear tire, You can do really good high speed cornering. But, due to the side stand of the bike, You can’t lean the bike a lot. If we think about the tire grip, It is not so good on loose surface or wet surface.

But, the grip is excellent in good condition roads. In our testing period, one thing we noticed That, when we apply brake to any other ABS bike, They run and brake very smoothly. But This bike doesn’t do that. The build quality of this bike is really good.

The color, fit and finishing of the bike Will really amaze everyone. In the speedometer, there is RPM counter, Digital speedometer, fuel gauge, etc. Sadly, they haven’t included any trip meter or clock. Hopefully, we will see the Taro GP bikes With full digital speedometer on 2020 Dhaka Bike Show.

Now, let’s come to the comfort of this bike. The front suspension didn’t give enough feedback on bad roads. But, It gave good support on Dhaka-Chittagong highway. The rear suspension is really hard. It is not good for the pillion.

The rear suspension is 7-step adjustable. This bike has the widest seat Among all Sports bike in Bangladesh The bike has aluminum swing-arm, aluminum handlebar. USD suspension, Dual channel ABS, tubeless tires. Also there’s a safety feature, which won’t let you start the bike When the side stand is placed down.