Space Saving Interior Design For A Mumbai Home

Space Saving Interior Design For A Mumbai Home

A journey about Space Saving Interior Design For A Mumbai Home of Sangeeta Roongta. Lets start. I am Sangeeta Roongta, he’s my husband Anoop Roongta. I have a son, Rahul, and my daughter-in-law Satya. So the 4 of us are staying here. To get my house renovated so I was just on a search, whom should I give it to.

We were stunned seeing the modular house prepared there. So we met a designer, Manali there. And coming to the living room, I wanted to give it a very stylish and a very sober look. Yeah, at the same time it should be functional also.

So we have a very good L-shaped seating arrangement over here. The bench solution was given by Manali, it can be used as a divider. It can be used for the living room as well as for the dining room.

When there are a lot of guests at home. And I have all the functional corners, one dedicated corner for my husband to work, because he’s working from home.

Even the dining table which we have chosen is like it can suit the needs of say, 6 to 7 people. There was a problem, where to keep the washing machine.

So Manali came up with an idea so that is the best part and how well it is blended with the decor of the living room that no one will come to know that here there’s a washing machine, when people come I have to show them. So they say ‘wow, there’s a washing machine, I didn’t even know it’.

And coming to the kitchen, it’s the best place for me to work now. Because I have that domino cook top which I was longing for. It gives a very neat look. A very high-end chimney. Also I wanted a very good mandir. My son recently got married. He wanted something very bright for them in the room.

We chose very bright floral wallpaper and a matching backrest on the bed. And then moving to my room, I wanted something very earthy and subtle look, not very bright.

The bathroom, it also gives a very quirky look with gold fittings and brick patterned tiles. I thought that this is done and I won’t be able to do this further.

But whatever little changes we wanted to make,they still did it. The team of Manali was very good. There was very good coordination between all of them and we were very free. The best part which I liked was that we used to meet just once every week. A home is a comfort zone.

It’s my den, it’s a place which I look forward to relax and do all kinds of things which I really love to do and because I am a homemaker, home is everything for me.