Honda X Blade First Impression Review

Finally, after many years BHL is going to launch Honda X Blade in Bangladesh. The Street All rounder. The price of this bike is declared at 2050 US Dollar. Today we will discuss about Honda X Blade First Impression Review.

Today, in our Honda X Blade first impression review. We will talk about the features. And everything you are getting in this value. And we’ll talk about the available colors.

Honda X Blade First Impression Review

In Honda X Blade, they have given Diamond frame. Therefore, the bike weights 141 kg. It also has a 12 liters of fuel tank. In front, they have given 276mm petal disc brake. Along with that, there’s a twin piston caliper from Nissan.

The front has telescopic suspension. If you look closely, there’s a guard with the suspension. Which will protect the oil seal from any stone or dust.

In the rear, there is a 130mm drum brake. Along with that is 130 section rear tire. Also, there’s a monoshock suspension in the rear. For better balance on highway, and also on the cornering. In this bike, for the first time Honda used twin mounted exhaust muffler. Which they never used in this segment before.

In Honda X Blade, they used the same engine from Honda Hornet. The engine now produces 13.9 bhp@8500 RPM And 13.9 NM or torque at 6000 RPM.

The speedometer of this bike is full digital unit. It has a gear shift indicator. Also there is service indicator, and other warning lights. This speedometer looks exactly like Honda CBR150R.

Honda improved the switch gears a lot on this bike. They also added a hazard indicator in this. The thing I liked most in Honda X Blade, That is the overall styling, the looks of this bike.

It’s so aggressive, so different. Which we have never seen on any Honda motorcycle before this. If you check the LED headlamp, for the first time, They have introduced LED headlamp in this segment. And it looks like a Robo Face LED headlight. In the rear, there’s a LED taillight.

If you check the grab rail, it is also differently designed. And I also really liked the design of the fuel tank. There are lots of sharpness and edges on this, Which is fantastic to look at.

In the rear, they have given rear tyre guard. There’s one single long seat In this bike, they have given sealed chain/ Which is more reliable and has good longevity. Among the other features, there is Viscous air filter Maintenance Free battery, and AHO. They have given long seat in this bike, and this seat is wider.

Below the engine, they’ve given under engine cowl. Honda X Blade is available in 4 color variants Red, Blue, Green, and Black.. So, this is our first impression review of Honda X Blade