Hero Hunk 2019 – First Impression Review

Those who read our review post regularly, can see we use a word most frequently. That is Muscular look. So this Muscular term, I noticed in 2007 When the Hero hunk was launched.

And after 12 years, Hero Hunk is still with us With some many upgrades. Guys lets welcome and read the Hero Hunk 2019 – First Impression Review.

Hero Hunk 2019 – First Impression Review

Hero hunk 2019 has introduced 2 new colors. One is Leaf Green and another is Techno Blue. Both the colors are actually the matte edition of the bike.

Other than the color changes. This bike remain same as before both in mechanically and technically.

At the front they have given halogen head light. Telescopic suspension, 240 MM Front disk break.

At the rear, they have given duel suspension of nitrox gas. Along with a chain cover. Rear tyre is of 100 section And both the tyre is tubeless.

At the rear of Hero hunk they have given LED Tail light. In terms of breaking system currently they have drum break of 130 MM. Otherwise if you want, can purchase the disk break option of 220 MM.

Hero Hunk Engine remains same as before 150 Cc Air Cooled Engine. This Engine produces 14.2 BHP and 12.8 NM Torque. This motorcycle has both kick and self-starter.

The bike is of 145 KG weight. It’s fuel tank preserve 14 liters of oil.

Hero Hunk 2019 has a digital speedometer like before. Along with an analog rev counter And a analog fuel gauge.

Like many other bike, this bike also has side stand indicator. A red light will notify you, when the stand is down.